The living dinosaurs:

Taken at Crocodile Park, Chennai, India.

Some Interesting Facts about Crocodile:-

Many times crocodiles stay on the river banks mouth wide open. That is not an aggressive posture, but a way to cool off: they sweat through the mouth!

Only the belly skin of crocodiles is soft, the back skin is covered in bones. In fact, the back skin of a crocodile can reflect arrows, spears and even bullets!

Crocodiles are much more closely related to birds and dinosaurs than the other reptiles.

At time, a female crocodile helps the eggs hatch, by gently cracking the shells in her mouth.

The eggs of a crocodile are almost the same size as that of a goose.

Each crocodile jaw has 24 sharp teeth, used for grasping and crushing, but not chewing.

The eyes of a crocodile reflect light, making them appear red, and make night vision possible.

When the baby crocodiles are ready to hatch they start crying.  This triggers their mother to frantically dig them out of their sandy birth-chamber.  At this point, if you are lucky, you will see the mother carry the baby gently in her mouth and take it to water.

Unusually, the gender of crocodiles is determined by temperature.  If the eggs are incubated at over 33oc, then the egg hatches into a male or ‘bull’ crocodile.  At lower temperatures only female or ‘cow’ crocodiles develop.

Eight times a year a congregation of crocodiles gathers in on the Mary River to the east of Darwin Australia.  Instinct tells them that at these unusually high tides means masses of fish are going to leap over the barrier as the tide comes in.  On one occasion David Attenborough showed up and filmed about 60 crocodiles feasting on the fish as they tried to leap over the barrier.

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