Picturesque ABBI falls of Coorg:

Abbi Falls, the pride of Coorg, around 8 km from Madikeri, the capital of Coorg, is a sight that is truly stupendous; the spectacular sight of cascading water is an absolute treat for the eyes and the senses! Reaching the place is a jolly ride in itself as the road that you drive on is very narrow with lots of turns and twists, ups and downs. A smiling mother nature welcomes you at every turn. Nestled amidst private coffee plantations; the Abbi Falls provide a striking contrast to the sylvan surroundings of Coorg. A narrow road winding through the green and dense foliage of surrounding coffee plantations leads to Abbi Falls. Situated on private property, a narrow pathway leads you downward to where the waterfall can be seen.

Car park

Formerly this water fall was known as Jessey Falls. ‘Abbi’ in the local language Kodagu means falls. The falls is more enjoyable within the fenced area wherefrom you get its friendly pose for your camera! The best place to have a better view of the falls is by standing on the hanging bridge opposite to the falls itself.

If you are a nature lover, then Coorg should be your next holiday destination, if you are in India and intending to visit South India. Coorg also referred as ‘Scotland of India’ known for its pristine natural beauty and lush green forests. It is a well-known hill station near Mysore and is a leading coffee growing district. The moderate climate and vast expanses of greenery have made it a highly sought-after tourist spot in Karnataka.

These images are taken by me during my recent trip to Mysore and some of them are displayed here.


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