Wonderful day out at Wonder la – Bangalore, India

Not all days are same. Yesterday wasn’t all that good at Bannarghatta. But today our luck and stars favored us as the whole day we spent our time at Wonder La, a theme and amusement park near Bangalore that turned out to be the most refreshing and entertaining day for all of us.


I was much thrilled because the day was a different kind of experience in photography. The whole day I was clicking around more than 200 snaps and never took part in any of the mind blowing rides or other attractions. It was for others to enjoy and to me the very purpose of the trip was photography and enjoyed their enjoyment through my lens. Here you can see some of them.



On entering the park, I found that it is well maintained. Signboard and displays were very informative and were put up in a thoughtful manner and the well  planned cloak room facility was immensely useful. The lawns and walk area all around the theme park, the restaurants, and the toilet facilities were perfect in all aspects.  To say in one two words, spick and span. You can easily spot Wonder La if you are driving from Mysore to Bangalore. They have a huge Giant Wheel mounted on a tower.

While in queue for tickets I heard someone whispering from behind, Oh, so costly Rs.520 per head. I too felt so but on our way back after 8 hours of non stop entertainment had the feeling that it was worth the money. If you ever happened to be in Bangalore, India, make sure you visit this place, especially with family and friends.

In all there are more than 40 types of rides and some of them are really high thrill rides. The rides are both water as well as dry ones. Shake a leg at the Rain Disco or scream your guts out on the dizzying dry and wet rides.

wonder13 A day at Wonder La will have your bones rattling and mind spinning. Highly recommended is insanity, a dry ride that will drive you insane as it twists, turns and throws you around at a height. The Boomerang is wild and wet – definitely not for the faint hearted.

wonder16 The younger ones can enjoy fun rides like Jumping frogs. For kids there are many smaller versions of rides including vertical drop, toy train, trains in caves and crazy cars and many other attractions.


Refuel at any of the five restaurants offering good vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and once again get on to business as many times as you want in any of the  rides as there is no entry fee at each ride entry point as it’s all included in main entrance ticket cost.

Take part in Rain Disco, with 10,000 watts of hi-fidelity sound, psychedelic laser lights choreographed showers of warm water. Sea wave pool with warm water is one of the main attractions as you can see in the image the atmosphere is typical beach like ambience with a lighthouse in background and waves are turned on at regular intervals for hundreds to mock a swim against tides.
At exit you come across laser and water fountain show auditorium like a bonus package here. After you get tired of all the rides, you can actually come here and enjoy the impressive laser and water show that lasts for about 30 minutes.


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